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Intro to a Christian Voice on War

February 9, 2013

War. The one thing humans have continued to do over the millennia. We have become more proficient at killing by creating new, and more effective ways to kill. Smart bombs, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial drones for long distance attacks. New, more effective body armor, updated ground weaponry and new vehicles to move troops from one place to the next. Others have resorted to use their ingenuity and cunning to wage an effective war in their own way. This has not only increased the efficiency of the killing but also raised the survival rates of troops. This high survival rate of troops has led to the prominence of veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Where is this going? As Christians, we have not had an answer on how to approach this. In many churches this topic has been ignored. In others, a patriotic stance has been taken without looking at the Biblical implications of a patriotic stance. Other churches have taken a pacifist stance but fail to ask the question of what the consequences of this stance are. This series will start by covering the two modes in which Christians traditionally approach war: Pacifism and the Just War Theory. I will be asking if pacifism is the right answer or if the just war theory is the right answer.

After looking at those, we need to look at the unique situations posed in this current conflict with terrorism. In current US news is the national conversation of the use of drones in attacks, more importantly using them to kill American citizens who are taking part in the conflict on the side of the radical Islamic terrorists. Then there is the discussion of the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Last, how do we interact with the Muslim community at large in America?

For too long the church has not taken part in this conversation, so this series is designed to bring the church back into the conversation. This series will not be able to provide a definitive “Christian” answer to these questions, but provide some of the basic ideas on which the early Christian positions were founded on and apply that to the current conflict.

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