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February 12, 2013

As we prepare to enter this series dealing with War and its consequences, I feel I need to better introduce myself. I am a 14+ year veteran of the US Air Force. My entire career was spent as a Security Policeman/Security Forces Supervisor. I have been in and out of the Middle East for my entire career including a tour in Iraq and trips in and out of Afghanistan. I have had the opportunity to see the damage and good done in the region through my job.

I also have been able to watch the aftermath of these wartime experiences in veterans who are now separated or retired. Many of the veterans from WW II, Korea, Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Iraqi Freedom come home with disabilities. And not just physical disabilities, but also struggle with mental health issues. These disabilities not only affect the veteran, but their entire family. Wives feel like they lost their husbands in the war despite sitting next to them. Parents wonder if they had done something wrong in raising their child because they are now behaving in a manner foreign to mom and dad. Families are breaking up.

All of this forced me to look at the theological side of human conflict. I have looked at the Crusades and their lasting effect on the current world. I have also looked at the two historical church positions on war: Pacifism, and Just War Theory. A last consideration I spent some time exploring are the Spiritual implications of war. Is PTSD a spiritual issue or a medical/mental health issue? Why do some people grow deeper in their faith while others abandon it?

Over the next several weeks, you can look forward to the Wednesday posts which will explore these issues. I am looking forward to moving though some of these issues with you and sharing my experiences and findings with you. Please understand, we may not reach hard answers on some of these topics, but starting the conversation is the important part.

As we approach this series, please pass the blog information to any veterans or anyone else who may be interested in this topic. I would enjoy seeing a good deal of conversation occur on these topics and look forward to moving through this with you.

  1. Looking forward to following this. It might be helpful if you had the ‘follow’ or signup [whatever its called] widget in you side bar. I did email this to a Christian veteran who is in an organization of veterans for peace.
    Many American Christians are familiar with Charles Spurgeon but have no clue that he clearly spoke against warfare.

    Blessings to you and on your new endeavor here.

    • Thank you. I am working on tweaking some of the functionality of the design. It may take a little time to get it worked out.

      I do appreciate you forwarding this and look forward to discussing things with you in the future. I hope you enjoy the other posts as they come up in addition to the Wednesday War conversation.

    • Michael,

      I was able to make some adjustments to make signing up for following, forwarding, commenting and liking easier. I appreciate your input and found it invaluable feedback. Let me know if these new adjustments make it easier for you. Glen

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