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Bewildered by Saints

April 8, 2013

“The world is always bewildered by its saints.”[1]

Bewildered by saints? What makes people bewildered by those Chan calls “saints?” While some would claim it is the depth of knowledge of the Bible, others think it is because they follow the “Christian rules” well. Others may be bewildered because the saints say one thing then turn around and do the opposite. The saints bewilder people because they make up rules which reach well beyond Scripture. In short, the saints can bewilder the world for a whole variety of reasons.

To truly be “bewildered” in a positive way, especially in this world, one needs to be different. Christians are great with lists of rules and the “do’s and don’ts” of their faith. Why not bewilder with love, grace, and mercy? These are the three things Jesus turned the world upside down with, and they continue to bewilder people today. At times, a Christian is like a fish swimming upstream. They are moving against the current of the world at large. Love, grace, and mercy are a radical contradiction to the world as we know it.

Go out this week and be radical! Share love, grace, and mercy with others.

[1] Francis Chan. Crazy Love. Colorado Springs, CO: David C Cook, 2008. 132

  1. Mandy permalink

    Sharing it!! Love this!

    • Thanks Mandy!

      I ran into a person the other day who said, ‘I quit going to church because everyone there are hypocrites. They say one thing on Sunday and live the rest of the week differently. I had to go back to church because I realized I was a hypocrite too.’ Now that is bewildering!

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