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Befuddled Disciples

April 12, 2013

Many are skeptical of Jesus. They wonder about Jesus and who He was. They wonder if He really rose from the dead. Ultimately, they are seeking something and want to know if the answer they are looking for is in him. Many adults attend Easter services every year and walk away without hearing anything new and again leave unsure. These people are in greater company than they might think.

Jesus spoke plainly to His disciples as to whom He was. In John, Jesus tells His disciples he “came from the father” (John 16:28, ESV). Despite this fairly clear teaching, those walking by Jesus’ side seemed to be lost to the actual depth of this comment. Many times this is true in modern times. There is an academic understanding of the historical Jesus, but there lacks the fullness of understanding of just who Jesus is.

Regarding the resurrection, when the tomb was found empty they thought many things happened, but surely not a resurrection. In Matthew 16:13 they were told of the empty tomb and the word that Jesus is raised and it simply states, “. . . but they did not believe them.” (ESV) In John, chapter 20, John tells of the disciples looking in the tomb and found it empty. Then they simply went home without further ado. It would seem if it was an everyday occurrence that they found a tomb of someone empty when it should have a body in it. After all, it had been guarded. How could a body disappear?

As each person goes through their faith walk, they have doubts or difficulties at some point. It may be because of a death of a loved one, or it may be a tragic world event. Nevertheless, trying things will happen in a person’s life that will make them wrestle with the extent of their faith. Struggling is normal. This struggle will work to strengthen a person, and better round their faith.

Now for the strugglers: Keep searching, do not stop. The disciples never fully realized who Jesus was until after His resurrection. They had walked with Him daily for about three years, and they did not even get it. After His resurrection, they each came to believe in their own time. Search, search, and search. It took me about nine years between being introduced to the idea of Jesus as my personal Savior and King and the day I surrendered to Him as such. Don’t stop searching.


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