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Honor Public Servants

April 23, 2013

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13 (ESV)

Last week we were transfixed to our televisions watching live news feeds. We saw firefighters and law enforcement officers perform their task with selflessness, and some paid the price with their lives. They worked incredibly long hours under arduous conditions. They not only live up to John 15:13, they exceed it. They go to work every day willing to lay their lives down not just for a friend, but for perfect strangers. Today, I will take a moment to honor these men and women.

Firefighters are a unique breed. They choose to run into a fire to help save lives. They will even stay in the fire after all people are out in an attempt to save your home and possessions. They also arrive for medical calls and start your treatment before an ambulance arrives. They care for you and your family as if you were their own. Most people love their local firefighters and will pull to the side of the road when they hear the lights and sirens as they come down the road. Something about a fire truck with its lights and sirens evokes memories of childhood. One could say the public has a lifelong love affair with their local fire department.

There is another group of fire fighters who need to be thanked separately. These are the local volunteer firefighters. These men and women do all the things paid firefighters do, except they do it purely as an act of love. In Texas, they battle the wildfires of summer without end. They go to medical calls. They carry a radio wherever they go. Typically they do fundraisers for funds for equipment as the federal grants fall far short of their needs. These men and women bolt out of their seats on Sunday morning when the alarm goes off and they head to their task. All this for a paycheck – well, no paycheck – just a “thank you.”

Many times we think of law enforcement officers as the people who lay in wait to pull you over to give you a speeding ticket. In reality, these are the men and women who will run towards the gunfire while everyone else runs the other way in fear for their life. This last week we had a chance to observe law enforcement in action as they searched out two terrorists. They were engaged in a hellish battle with two men shooting and throwing bombs. Something you would think of in a Hollywood movie. Yet it was real. After the second one was captured, the people in the community lined the roads to cheer in appreciation as they left the area. The community appreciated them for the job they had done.

As time goes by, many will forget the sacrifices of police and firefighters. They deserve better. Firefighting and law enforcement is a family occupation. Behind each firefighter and law enforcement officer is a husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter, or other family member. They understand the long hours and danger involved, yet they share their family member with the community – with YOU. The firefighters and law enforcement officers know they have chosen a profession with many dangers, odd hours and other discomforts. Because of this choice they deserve the respect of the community. After all, they are the ones who run toward the danger so we may walk away.

So the next time you see the lights and hear the sirens, pull over and let them by. They may be going to a call which will save your family, your home or a friend. The next time a law enforcement officer pulls you over, remember, that officer would willingly give their life for you. Of course you will not be happy with the expensive ticket, but be grateful that person is patrolling your community or highway keeping it safe and keeping themselves prepared for the “worst case scenario” call. Let the actions of firefighters and law enforcement officers this last week remind you that there are heroes amongst you.

I ask you do the simple act of Tweeting this, Facebook this, or emailing this to all you know as a reminder of our heroes and the respect they deserve. Spread this far and wide!

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  1. Justin permalink

    Thanks for sharing!

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