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Insensitive to God?

April 29, 2013

“In his sensitivity to the presence of man, Moses became strangely insensitive to the presence of God. How easy it is for us to do just that and relate our actions to the approval or disapproval of men.”[1]

Where do you receive your worth from? Many feel worth from their job titles or the value of their retirement accounts. Maybe it is the clothes you wear or the car, or truck, you drive. Major Ian Thomas makes the point that this is the path to insensitivity towards God. The more Moses focused on what man thought, the less he considered what God thinks. The same is true of us.

Why does this matter? This directly relates to where we gain our identity from. If we seek the praises and approval of men, we are garnering our identity from the world. We are not children of the world, but children of the living God. We are to gain our identity from Him and Him alone. If we gain our identity from God, we are concerned with following Him. We would not worry about our weight or pants size, nor would we worry if we keep up with the neighbors. Our only concern would be honoring God.

Please do not mistake me; I am not saying you cannot have a nice home, clothes, cars, etc. What I am saying is to seek God’s approval, not mans. Be sensitive to God’s desires and see what He has in store for you!

[1] Major W. Ian Thomas. The Saving Life of Christ. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1961. 61

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