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Who is Your Jesus?

June 21, 2013

Who is your Jesus? It may be an odd question, but it is a valid question.

Is your Jesus an author? Many women gravitate to Beth Moore’s teachings. Has she become your Jesus? Have you allowed her teachings to speak to you more than the words recorded in the Bible? Or maybe it’s Joyce Myers or another prominent author. Men, have you made Max Lucado or Tony Dungy your Jesus? What about Joel Osteen?

Or have you made one of the young pastor authors your Jesus? Matt Chandler, Steven Furtick, Mark Driscoll, Francis Chan, Mark Batterson, Kyle Idleman, and Craig Groschel are just a few of the most prominent pastor authors. They are incredible pastors who preach weekly and are reaching thousands of people with God’s Word. Book stores cannot keep their books on the shelves. But have you elevated their teachings higher than the writings in Scripture? Have you elevated your pastor above Jesus?

None of these things are inherently bad. Authors and pastors are teaching the best they can to assist others to grow in the faith. Hundreds of thousands of people listen to or read the teachings of these people and grow deeper in their faith. These authors and pastors cannot control if their audience elevates them unjustly. It is up to the audience to keep focused on the King of Kings.

When pastors and authors are elevated above Jesus, the crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus fall into the background and lose their magnitude. The power of the Holy Spirit is lost. The blood that powers the heart of the church loses its power. This power comes from one, and one alone – Jesus! He is the one who suffered and died for His church. The church is supposed to be His movement in this world reflecting Him. Find Jesus for yourself in Scripture. Allow others, including authors and pastors, to assist you. But remember, no one except Jesus rescued you.

  1. I’m guilty of this. I’m such a fan of Kevin DeYoung (and others) and I finally realized that I needed to balance out my reading of resources and the actual source. Good reminder!

    • As always, thank you for you comments. Always engaging and interesting.

      I think we all are. I know I was for quite some time. I am much more open to explore others than I have ever been. I’ve found some gems but I. Have also found some that didn’t last three chapters.

      More importantly it has made me an even more critical reader. Reading a new author you spend more time reflecting on how their writing fits, or does not fit, with Scripture. Whereas old favorites at times get the benefit of the doubt. Now, I even read my old favorites with the critical eye I am supposed to use.

  2. Chelsea permalink

    Powerful post! It’s a great reminder to run to the scriptures first- with a mind of curiosity! The power of these pastor-authors is based on their practise of incarnational preaching – living what they preach before they preach it. We all could have special insight into Gods Word if we would seek Him first- maybe different than our pastors insight , but still valuable!!

    • Chelsea,

      Thank you for your input. I appreciate it. I have found varying the authors I read has helped in keeping my reading secondary to my reading of Scripture. It forces me to be a more critical reader. Yet if it conflicts with God’s Word, I take that into account to.

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