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Nuclear Weapons – Do They Make Sense?

June 26, 2013

On June 19, 2013, President Obama spoke in Berlin, Germany about a future reduction of nuclear arms between the United States of America and Russia. The long-term goal would be a world without nuclear weapons. The question is this: why not unilaterally stand down and destroy all nuclear weapons a nation owns?

The rational for keeping an arsenal of nuclear weapons is it prevents other nations with nuclear weapons from attacking. If you look at history, once the first Atom Bomb was made and used, the world has been racing to create more effective and greater quantities of nuclear weapons. Now the list of nations who have, or are striving to have, nuclear weapons are growing.

The possession of nuclear weapons does not deter attacks. Many nations around the world do not have them, and they have been free from attack. To unilaterally make a decision to dismantle the nuclear force of a nation should have a positive effect. It will also bring credibility to nations trying to enforce weapons treaties.

A good example would be Iran and North Korea. Both of those nations feel there is a need to develop and possess nuclear weapons because the USA, Russia, and Israel possess them. The USA is assisting the United Nations enforce weapons treaties that do not allow for the possession of nuclear weapons. The hypocrisy is obvious. To truly have the moral ground to be part of the enforcement of these treaties, a nation should first commit to dismantle their own arsenal of nuclear weapons.

The church has a role in this. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.” (Matthew 5:9, ESV) The church should be active in petitioning their legislators to advocate for the dismantling the nuclear arsenal. Churches can host public speakers who address these issues. Hold classes discussing the Just Peacemaking theory and its application to the possession of nuclear weapons. Governments are not in a hurry to remove this scourge from society, so the church must speak out against it. It should be the prayer of the Body to have the nuclear force dismantled rapidly so the nation can move forward without this dark curse hanging over it.

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