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Bring “Home” into Your Home Today!

July 17, 2013

Kim Walker-Smith has made a name for herself working with the worship band Jesus Culture and with her solo album “Still Believe” on the Provident-Integrity label. You may have sung her song “The King is Here” in church or heard it on the radio. Yesterday her best work yet was released on the Jesus Culture Music Label. It is titled “Home” and is a cooperative work with her husband Skyler Smith.

This new project has Kim and Skyler each leading and providing background vocals for each other. The title “Home” is perfect as it feels like you are sitting on their living room couch listing to them worship in their home. It feels like an intimate look into their personal worship. Listening to it begs for you to consider your personal worship. “Home” has both upbeat songs which will make you tap your foot or dance around the home as you sing along with them. It also contains more serious songs which will lead you to deeper reflection of where you are at the moment.

The title track is a wonderful song with double meaning. Kim sings of being home in the love she has found in the “one she was made for.” As you listen to it you can hear her singing it to her husband as the one who was made to be with her, and also to her Heavenly Father who she was ultimately created for. The same can be said about the final track, “My One and Only,” where both Skyler and Kim alternate singing the verses. I can hear this as a conversation between them or between them and God. These two songs were done with a mastery of lyrics and instrumentation which allows the lyrics to stand out and the music walks you through the story they are telling.

“Christ the Rock” is an amazing track which I pray will make its way into churches forthwith. Its haunting chorus calling out “Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy” and declaring the Lord Holy between verses outlining the foundational existence of Jesus as the Christ. You will find yourself playing this one over and over, as you consider the depths of the verses as you cry out with Kim “Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy!”

The only critique I can make about this wonderful piece is it is not available on vinyl. The depth and richness of the sound is not done justice with the digital formatting found on CD’s and MP3’s. While to press it on vinyl may be costly and the audience limited, I am sure those who have heard this would be happy to surrender some money to hear it in its most pure recorded format.

Go buy it. There is no excuse not to have this in a personal collection, especially if you normally listen to Jesus Culture, or Bethel Worship. There is something to speak to each listener in each season of their lives. Prepare to be touched and blessed by their partnership in this wonderful piece. One can only hope this is the first of many.

You can find it here at the Bethel Online Store,, or on Amazon,


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