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A Little Confused?

July 18, 2013

Do you feel a little confused? This may not be a bad thing. Many times we feel confused or slightly disoriented. Why could this be a good thing? It makes you take pause and identify what you do know, where you are at, what your intended goal was, and how you get there.

Feeling confused is not always a bad thing. It slows you down and does not let you react without contemplation. It kicks your brain and heart into use. For example, when we are driving around and the GPS has us making endless U-turns we eventually stop and assess the situation. We do the same thing when we realized we are lost. Sometimes it is an outdated map card in the GPS or an outdated map in the glove box. Other times we failed to pay attention from the little voice coming out of the GPS as we were distracted by our singing. Regardless, we assess out situation and make necessary corrections.

This should be true about our spiritual life. When we feel a little confused or out of sorts, it is time to pull the spiritual car over and assess the situation. Our parking space should be the Word of God and prayer. This should be a time of reflection and contemplation. Ask yourself questions like “what is different this time” and “what is missing”. Things of this nature help you explore the issue. Spend time listening for God.

Try journaling through this confused state. Patterns may appear in your writing you would otherwise not recognize. These patterns may reveal a rut in your life or something you have been ignoring. Again, maybe an outdated map card is in your spiritual GPS. Do not be afraid to call a friend and ask for their thoughts. When I could not find a store the other day I called and asked for a cross street reference. Call your friend and ask them for a spiritual cross street reference.

Be flexible enough to ask for directions and change your course. Men are notorious for seeking their own way. After all, men are never lost, or so goes the stereotype. In our spiritual life we have to be ready for a change in course, a change of direction. Embrace it. I am not one for change, I like continuity, but in your spiritual life you need to surrender yourself to Jesus. And that means get ready to be flexible.

Confusion is not always bad. Next time you are confused, let it knock you out of a mindless rut into a new thought process and opportunity. Park your spiritual car and assess the situation through Scripture and prayer. Get a friend along for the ride. Most importantly, get ready to be flexible as you realize the destination has changed or you have gotten off course. Enjoy the moment.


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  1. Chelsea permalink

    Thia article is gold! So good — I appreciate the “gps” metaphor, that was brilliant!

    • Chelsea,
      Thank you for the kind words. The funny thing is, my literal GPS acted up tonight and was telling me a tree was the restaurant I was looking for. Never found the restaurant I was looking for.

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