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Simplify – R&R

September 3, 2013

Two weeks ago I had several “Simplify” posts. Today, I have another one for you. Many Christians are hard workers – both outside and inside the church. But our R&R, Rest and Recreation, seems to be an issue. If you want a balanced life, R&R must be given some attention.

Some people play all the time. These are the people who are not well-known for their work ethic, but for their recreation or rest ethic. Maybe they are a chronic nap taker or they are always out doing hobbies. This is not a healthy – it could be compared to trying to live off a diet of eating dessert all the time.

The opposite is true also. I know many Christians who are hard workers and never rest. They are full speed ahead all the time. For example, I am up every morn between four and five. I despise naps and I fail to plan for recreation time for my hobbies. Only last year I realized that sleeping in, to six, is not only acceptable but necessary sometimes. And there are also times when a nap is critical to my health. What I am getting at here is rest is necessary. I have watched pastor’s bodies and minds rebel against them when they fail to get enough rest.

Last is recreation. I am still trying to figure out how to schedule this one. I would grade myself a “D” in this area. But, that does not mean a free pass for everyone else. Recreation is necessary. It is the “dessert” you give yourself permission to have once in a while. For some it’s a video game, others its sports, and yet others it is hunting and fishing. Bottom line, it is a necessary part of your health also.

So, to simplify your life you need to ensure you have a healthy balance of R&R. Without either, your body will eventually go into rebellion. I promise, it will not be pretty when it happens. So, go take a nap after you think about this a bit.


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  1. Chelsea permalink

    Good point about rest and recreation. It’s so important to actually rest– nap, sit doing nothing, have a day without plans or expectations, without overrating or-drinking. That is rest, because our bodies don’t know the difference between the adrenaline of fun and of work ( there actually is no difference just in our feelings of it). I love that you emphasized recreation – what generally we think if as rest. Great post!!

    • I have learned the importance of these through tough learning. A solid work ethic is important, but I also learned a solid work ethic will self destruct as it burns up its own fuel. Introduce rest and recreation and it fills up the “fuel tank” again.

      You do make a wonderful point regarding adrenaline. Too much fun can exhaust one just as much as work. I think the key is balance or equilibrium. To learn to balance life both in the micro and macro is key.

      Thank you for taking the time to reply with this post and your great insights!

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