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Directions from the Sky

September 17, 2013

Sunday I had the opportunity to preach at a church in a rural area of west Texas. As a matter of habit, if I do not know where the church is located, I scout out the location before I go on Sunday morning so I can be ready for any potential travel problems. So during the week I punched in the address into my GPS and set out on my journey.

The travel there was rather uneventful. I knew a route to the nearest town to the church so I “gamed” the GPS and went that way forcing it to recalculate frequently. After the GPS led me to a field full of cattle, I found the church a block away. It only took one hour and twenty minutes. Then I put the GPS to the test and followed it back to my house via the quickest route. It had me winding on one tiny two lane road after another. Then all of a sudden the road goes from rough asphalt to dirt with the occasional gravel placed randomly on it. For eight miles I traveled down this road wondering what the GPS was doing. After eight miles it required me to turn onto a nice, wide paved road.

Why am I relating this story? While traveling down the dirt road I was wondering where it was sending me. But I trusted the GPS was sending me the correct place. I trusted the invisible signal from the sky even though I knew it was coming from a piece of space junk filled with electronics built by the lowest bidder. After all, what could possibly go wrong with that? Then it struck me, we trust our GPS devices more than we trust God.

Have you ever seen the satellite that sends your GPS its directions? Most likely not – yet you trust it. While you may not have seen God face to face, but you see evidences all around you. The newborn child, a starry night, sunrises and sunsets give you circumstantial evidence to God’s existence. And then there is the written Word. The Bible gives us guidance and direction to the path our lives should take. For some reason we question and doubt it. While this is not unhealthy, do you put your trust into it even after your struggle with it? That is the key. After all, it’s called faith not certainty.

I drove through the country having faith the GPS would get me where I wanted to go. Will you put that same faith in God with your life?


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  1. Well congratulations…you hit the target again!:) I am an avid GPS user, but never quite connected the dots to the similarities in trusting in God! Great analogy!

    • Thank you! I realized the connection as I was literally in a cloud of dust! But it’s so true. And so confronting. Have to learn to trust in God more than our GPS.

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