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We Focus on Odd Things

September 19, 2013

We sure focus on some odd things. For example, the whole Miley Cyrus ordeal: She was the target of self-righteous Christian bloggers for weeks. I still see the random Tweets about her. Because of her television performance, many of us were introduced to the term twerking. Was all that hoopla necessary?

Here is why I ask this: We spend time judging Miley and her family while we ignore real world crises. While that was going on, Syria was still conducting its civil war, killing and displacing hundreds of thousands of people leaving them destitute. Egypt still is not stable. In Afghanistan, there is a budding Christian church experiencing increasing persecution. There are homeless and starving in America.

We, as The Church, must learn to pass up on these easy targets of judgment. We tend to focus on these because it is easy to deal with. We can provide a simple word or two on how to “fix” the problem. Whereas these larger issues are tough because there is no simple answer – there is no simple “fix.” The Church must learn to pass up on these sideshow issues and focus on the real issues surrounding the welfare of the world. Let’s stop heaping burning coals on the heads of the suffering and get real – let’s deal with the tough issues together.


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  1. In my opinion, love does more to cultivate change than “You were wrong.”

    As Christians, I think we need to focus more on love– and thereby, letting our social justice (our “good works”) flow from that point. And maybe, just maybe, it starts with loving one another first. And through our love people being enticed to Christ, instead of disgusted by His “followers”.

    • Holly, thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

      I can agree. To paraphrase, love The Lord and your neighbor as yourself, are supposed to be our boundaries. They are to guide our interactions with others. When Christians castigate someone, Miley in my post, instead of loving them we fail to stay within the boundaries.

      Failing to love those struggling also shows our memory is faulty as at one time we were doing wild things to some extent or another. At a minimum, God loved us during our straying days. We should share that love with others.

      What I was trying to do with the post was illustrate the difference between the wildness of youth and the generational disaster going on in Syria, Egypt, and Afghanistan. One is a minimal, or even a non, issue whereas there is a global crisis with the other. Where is the churches energy best placed?

  2. I definitely agree! Larger issues are more important than judging people on decisions they make that may (or most likely don’t) affect us. One of my favorite quotes deals with this. “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” As Christians we need to develop great minds!

    • I love that quote. We are fearful of engaging the larger international issue. Especially those in Islamic nations. If we approach it from a peacemaking avenue instead of a conquest perspective we can try to make progress. The Crusades still ring in the ears of those countries that were affected. We must remember that and earn trust. After all, if we try to make peace because it is Biblical that is a witness which may lead to conversion later.

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