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Nothing Wasted

September 27, 2013

No matter what you are going through, it is not a wasted time or moment. It is a difficult thing to remember. I know for me it is. When things go awry from the plan you believe is right, we believe it is pointless.

My life has taken twists and turns. It has no semblance to what I expected it to look like. While it is easy to view the blessings of these changes as wonderful gifts, I have often written off the in-betweens as wasted moments. But several years ago a dear friend of mine gave me a gift which reminded me the in-between times are not wasted. As I was leaving a job, where at times I felt as if I was wasting away my friend gave me a scrapbook filled with notes from people I impacted during that time. As I read it I realized I had serious impacts on people’s lives there and without that scrapbook I would have missed the whole thing.

So I am telling you today, these moments you are going through are not wasted moments. They are filled with grace and example. They are as important as the moments when you know you are on the mountain top. Do I always remember these times are not wasted myself – of course not! But I am learning this daily.

Today, as you listen to the words of this heavenly gift of a song from Jason Gray, let these words ingrain themselves in your mind – NOTHING IS WASTED! When you feel you are in a wasting moment, sing this song, or at least that line, over and over. Drive out that defeatist thought. Allow Gods blessing to reign in the good and bad.

  1. Chelsea permalink

    Thank you! I needed this reminder today!!

    • Thank you for following Anafalz!

      Funny thing is I need this reminder frequently also. We are playing it in the store right this month and it has been a blessing.

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