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National Breach of Trust

October 10, 2013

I have done my best to stay away from the fiscal fiasco in Washington DC. To date, I have only had one small foray into it here on Anafalz. Today, I will break that self-imposed moderation. My wife and I have served the nation for a combined 28 years (we are both civilians now). My Grandpa served in WW II, his father in WW I. I served in Iraq and Afghanistan. That is important information to set the table for this conversation.

The government shutdown has forced the Department of Defense to cease paying death benefits to fallen soldiers families.[1] So, not only are these families left grieving their fallen family members they are snubbed by the very government who sent their family into harm’s way. While service is elective, there is an implied trust between the member and the government. The government has failed to uphold this trust.

Today, according to the VA Secretary Eric Shinceki, next month most veterans receiving disability checks will most likely not receive their checks on the first of next month.[2] Many veterans are rated by the VA as “100% disabled” and are not able to work. These veterans would have no income next month. Other veterans who are able to work will go without their disability checks which supplement their meager incomes.

When someone joins the military they sign a contract with the government. While the contract is concrete for the individual, the government has always had the ability to breach the contract without penalty. That is the reality of it, and military members understand it and begrudgingly accept it. Now we have a more grievous situation. The government is skillfully, and very intentionally, attacking veterans and military families. Not all of them, but the most vulnerable of them in a grand extortion effort to force congress to break. This governmental breach of trust is disgusting and pathetic. Closing the National Parks and Monuments was just silly and spiteful, this is manipulative and disgusting. They have turned these families and veterans into leverage in their political shenanigans.

There is an organization that has stepped up to the plate and is assisting family members during their period of grief. It is the Fisher House Foundation ( They are not interested in the partisan problems in the government beyond getting funding approved to care for service members. In the meantime, they are serving the families of the fallen. I encourage each of my readers to look at their website and see if this is an organization they would be willing to support with either a onetime gift or a regular donation.


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