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The Man in Black

October 11, 2013

I am a Johnny Cash fan. I can’t say it plainer than that. So as I was looking for a Johnny Cash video, I was thinking one of his songs of faith. But then I came across this song and realized it was perfect for the moment.

With the government shut down, Obamacare, rising taxes, school vouchers, and mandatory minimum jail sentences we have seen how the choices of politicians can affect those who are suffering. Even some good ideas in the long run hurt those they were intended to help because of the unforeseen consequences. But as the church, we should be the proverbial “man in black.” Jesus calls us to reach the least of these. The lost, hurt and suffering. The widows and orphans. The American church spends much time and money railing against the political ills of the nation. Maybe if we put on black and start reaching those who are hurting, as Jesus commands, then we could make a lasting difference. It would make the action of the local church practically relevant. We would return to being in-touch with those around us.

Take some time listening to Johnny Cash sing this song. After listening to it again, I wonder if maybe, just maybe we need to start wearing black.

  1. because: Johnny Cash. I had to comment on this post!

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