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Brave and Be-YOU-tiful

January 8, 2014

A great friend of mine, Chad Mitchell, is the pastor of The Mission Abilene ( They have a thriving ministry reaching people from all walks of life. They encourage people to show up and let God change them.

They produced this video in late 2013 addressing self-image issues. Below is the guest post I asked Chad to write for me to introduce their video for you.

Brave and Be-YOU-tiful

So much of humanity consistently finds themselves in a constant fight. Tearing up one magazine after another, continually purchasing the next best self-help book, mimicking the latest fashion trend, all in attempt to become beautiful. Much of humanity searches to be beautiful in so many places, yet there is one place they fail to look…they fail to raise their head up and look in the mirror.

In a response to this constant fight, one of our Women’s ministry leaders, Sheri Bennett and myself had a vision to reach out to preteen girls with a message they are Brave and Beautiful. The conference was filled with stories from mature women of their trials and triumphs, art, haircuts and hairstyling and manicures. Everything that was offered to these young ladies was given freely as a result of labor of love.

We also shot a video that featured Keevan Lucas, a standout freshman football player for Tulsa University, Justin Leifeste, a tattoo artist, Brandon Farran, a pro MMA fighter, Jason Haak, a Sergeant with a police department, Shonlock, a national recording artist, Kirk House, a professional musician and fitness competitor, my 13 year old daughter, Lexi Mitchell, who is a mixed martial artist and myself, a lead pastor of a homeless church, author and Deputy Sheriff.

I pray regardless of your age you, you will be brave enough to raise your head up, look in the mirror and realize your uniqueness is BE-YOU-TIFUL!

You are brave and beautiful!


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  1. So many females (girls, ladies, women, all the other descriptions) choose to cover their beauty with masks of personality, faces of insecurities and with just plain ol’ fear that true beauty is not often seen walking down the streets of our average town anymore. There is a growing movement, such as this one, to embrace true bravery and beauty and I’m excited to see how that will influence the next generation of women. Will they choose true beauty or the facade of beauty they see that becomes popular?

    • Thank you for commenting on this topic!

      This is a difficult issue. These insecurities create a system breakdown in a person. Eating disorders, self mutilation, addictive promiscuity, and chemical addictions that become the systems of this issue.

      Youth and women’s ministers must not be the only ones addressing the issue! Just like Chad, the church staff as a whole needs to be involved in this battle.

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