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People Are Like Cats

January 21, 2014

People are like cats. There, I’ve said it. Make fun of me and laugh it up. By the time you finish reading this, I do believe you will agree with me.

We have two cats. When we are gone for the day and return in the evening, the cats come down to the dining room to greet us. They rub on our leg and purr. Here is the odd thing. Once we pick them up to hold them and pet them, they jump and run away. We won’t see them again until they come find us and jump on our lap or rub on our legs again. Typically, they will stay there long enough until they are satisfied and they depart. Never mind if we wanted to continue to pet them or if they were keeping us warm. They are only there to meet their needs.

Here is another piece of the puzzle. We only get rescue cats. The one, Simone, I chose because she was not a kitten when I got her. She was a full grown cat with habits and attitudes already ingrained in her. No one wants to adopt a full grown cat because they are not nearly as cute as a little kitten. Sometimes they are more difficult to care for. But that’s why I chose her. My wife picked our other cat, Bebo. He was the runt of the cats left. He was clumsy and had an attitude. Again, not the normal pick for the average family looking for a cute little pet for their kids.

Are you waiting for me to tell you how people are like cats? Well, your wait has come to an end.

We are fickle. We are as fickle with God as cats are with us. We run to God when things go wrong or when we want Him to take care of something and then run off once it’s taken care of. Occasionally, we even spend time with God for no other reason than we feel like it. But, just like a cat, we jump and leave when we feel like it without regard for God. Just like my cats who we rescued from sure death, we forget that Jesus came to rescue us from sure death. We are the rescued who ignores the rescuer.

I understand this probably is quite disconcerting to those who are dog owners. After all, they take pride in the loyalty of their pets. To realize you are more like a cat than your dog must be painful to admit. We need to remember, we are the cat rescued from sure death. We need to acknowledge God is our rescuer from certain death: Then as part of this acknowledgement learn to practice unfettered loyalty to Him who has rescued us.


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