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Under-reported Action

January 29, 2014

Have you noticed the military strikes being conducted in Somalia? Probably not. They are not making the nightly news and they are just filler material for the 24 hour news networks. Here is a link to an article on about these attacks:

Why is this important? As the church, we should be engaging our governmental representatives and seeking information on these unilateral actions of war. War? If we are dropping bombs or killing people these are acts of war. If our nation is engaging in these actions and we, The Church, do not speak up, we are giving our implied permission and approval to these actions. And with that setting precedence, it can be implied that we are giving permission for future actions of that nature.

Some will say that all they were doing was targeting a terrorist group. While that appears to be true, the government works for us. Keeping it secret before the attack may be key to safety, security, and success. But why have these things been kept so quiet, so low key? It does not make sense.

The Church is quick to assert its apparent moral superiority on a number of issues but is so pitifully absent on matters of this nature. The American Church must stop being the cheerleader of the government as they execute military actions and must become a voice of peacemaking and accountability instead.

  1. Uh… there is nothing secret about it. NBC covered the military strikes a couple of days ago. As for “the church” giving permission or condoning such actions, that was done and is repeatedly done every time there is an election.

    • First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to post a reply.

      But I do have to disagree. These stories have been given low priority coverage. One can speculate as to why. It should be leading over any Grammy’s, Miley Cyrus, or other pop culture story. Lately, these have been listed well below those. I believe they are tucking away these unpopular stories hoping they are missed.

      Just like any other person, the ability to give, or revoke permission, is not completed at the election. It is by using the media and our access to our representatives to place pressure upon them. Just the same as any other issue.

      While we appear to disagree, I do appreciate your opinion.

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