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My First Baby Shower

March 3, 2014

I attended my first baby shower this weekend. This may not be new to many of my readers who are men, it was new to me. It was fun experience and quite entertaining. I really feel I needed to blog about the experience because it was very unique and I feel there is a great benefit for the men to be there.

One of the interesting things about having a baby shower where men are welcome is the husband is there next to his pregnant wife. Each is present to see their support network, many of which they may not have even realized were behind them. This is important. Baby showers without men there will typically exclude the father. That leaves the father feeling alone and that there is little help out there for him if he needs it. Whereas the mom in those cases gets to meet a roomful of support – this creates an imbalance in their marriage and parenting because they have different knowledge of the help there is there for them. So, to include both husband and wife is the right thing to do.

There was a group of us men who happened to sit near each other. Turns out we were all “first-timers” for a baby shower. We all were quite confused. But we learned and played along. The future grandfather even won a wax warmer. He was not sure what it was for. We “first-timers” decided you could melt chocolate in it to dip marshmallows or cookies in. We were then informed they make your house smell nice when you use it with the scented wax. I think melting chocolate in it would make a house smell good too. Why do I mention this? I shared this because it was a wonderful opportunity for the men to learn some new things. We asked a lot of questions. But most importantly, we enjoyed the occasion.

Now there was one thing which was quite confusing. We played a cloths pin game. Each person wore a cloths pin and if you said the word “baby” the person you were talking to could take your cloths pin. The person with the most at the end of the party won. That confused me. We were all there to celebrate this new baby (there goes a cloths pin) and see all the baby (and another one) cloths, and baby (and another) toys. Well, you get the idea. I made the decision early on to just try to keep my cloths pin. That didn’t happen. At the end of the gifts, there was a thing people were asking what it was and I called it a “baby bag.” This kind lady in front of me spun around, pointed her finger at me, and went “oh! Cloths pin!” I had no clue what had happened. I had to have it explained to me. The moral of this story: You may not understand everything, but have fun playing along.

All of this rambling is to say this: I was honored to have been invited to the event. While I felt like a fish out of water at first, I found many fish out of water there. Each of us had a wonderful time. And most importantly the young parents saw there were men and women, many of them, who support and love them. Who will be there for them, and are honored to share their excitement with them.

To the future mom and dad, may God bless each of you in your new role and bless your child. Remember there are many who are praying for you. No matter how tough it gets you are not alone. And thank you for allowing us to be part of this with you.!


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  1. SakuraMari permalink

    I never understood why men weren’t “allowed” – if you will allow me generous use of that word – to a baby shower. I do understand there men that would rather NOT attend such a frivolous event, although they are thankful for the stuff they do not have to buy (and in my experience, will never make use of). But with the exception of the immaculate conception, men helped create the baby, why shouldn’t they celebrate too?
    That being said, it really depends upon the type of man you married. At the risk of repeating myself, If you married the rough and tumble rancher, he would probably rather mend his 563 acres of fence line before he sits in a room full of giggling women. My hubby is a computer geek. He was perfectly happy at our baby shower, and even though our youngest is almost 3 years old, he still marvels at the “inventions” people come up with to make life easier with a infant. Like a diaper genie… He thinks it’s a neat idea, I found it useless. Que sera sera.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the baby shower. They are lots of fun, and ones that this introvert actually enjoys hosting (imagine that! ).

    • Thanks for your comment. Most men don’t know what they have been missing out on.

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