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The Missing Airliner

April 1, 2014

The missing Malaysian aircraft has captured the news for several weeks now. Speculation is running wild on the news outlets. The Malaysian government has claimed to have found the aircraft, yet offers no proof. With all the search aircraft and ships working the area how is there not one shred of physical evidence to date? Everyone has an opinion, and so far little in the way of facts has surfaced. Family and friends of the passengers are suffering in the abyss of the unknown. Even this tragedy is slipping away into the background of the media, only popping up when a new potential lead is announced.

We have become a people of short attention spans. We fail to complete tasks we set out on. We want our food faster and faster. We cannot cover a critical story until the families get relief or until the search is terminated. Why is that? We have failed to value the long-term. When you think about this, it makes sense why so few are interested in hearing about the eternal.

To talk about eternity is so ungraspable for many that they shut down when we speak of it. They are not sure what they will be doing next week, let alone ten years from now. So to them, the eternal is useless. Our churches must talk about the eternal in a way that will draw the connection between now and forever. To skip that step would be an incomplete message.

Back to the missing airliner: As of this writing, it is still missing. Despite Malaysian claims to the contrary, there has been no recovery of pieces of the aircraft or passengers. We need to practice long-term thinking and commitment and focus on prayer for the families involved and the searchers who tirelessly work at the task of finding the aircraft and people on board.


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