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Temporary vs. Eternal

April 21, 2014

I am sitting at my laptop on Good Friday writing this post. You will be reading it on Monday morning (or sometime after). Why is this important?

I am writing this on a five-year old HP laptop. It is running slow enough that I back my work up every few days. This is frustrating because I spent a good deal of money to get the latest equipment. It had everything I wanted and needed on my working computer. It was exciting at the time, now I am ready to run it over with my car. Sitting next to my computer is a several year old iPhone. Its Wi-Fi connection is no longer working properly, if at all. Again, when purchased it was the latest technology. Before long it will be better used as a paper weight. Technology is radically temporary.

Books, good old-fashioned paper books, can last much longer if they are properly cared for. They will be your library long after your electronic reading device meets its demise. Paper books can outlast bad batteries or old technology. Despite books potential longevity, they are still temporary.

What is eternal? The sacrifice of Jesus and His overcoming death for us, ensuring we would have an opportunity to join Him in a resurrection. No matter which atonement theory one subscribes to, they all can agree that Jesus conquered death and provided us with the opportunity to an eternal life with God. That is eternal.

The things of this world, the pleasures and sufferings of this world, are only temporary. The books in my library may outlast my physical body, but they will not outlast my resurrected body. A well-made car may last longer than its owner’s physical body, but will not outlast the owners eternal resurrection. Technology has made us think in the short-term. We have learned to live in the short-term. We buy the newest, latest, and greatest and go home to see when the next version is coming out. Short term thinking. Slow down; enjoy where you are and what you have. Live in the present blessings remembering all along that there is a greater eternal in the future.

You may be saying I don’t have all these fineries to enjoy. You may even say your current life is miserable. As bleak as things are looking for you at this moment, I can promise these things are temporary. They are as temporary as the latest computer. There is an eternal hope for you.

Temporary and eternal – we need to get these things back into the proper order. An order determined long before we were born, and an order to continue long after our physical body has passed.


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