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Chrisley Knows Best – A Television Review

April 22, 2014

I stumbled across a television show a few weeks ago that I almost passed up on. I am glad I did not, and I wanted to share it with you. Its title is “Chrisley Knows Best.” It is a reality television show which follows a wealthy family through their daily lives. The only warning I have is Todd Chrisley can be slightly off-color at times so I would use caution watching with children – take in an episode or two as the adults before you sit your kids down to watch it with you.

The reason I really enjoy watching this show is it highlights the love of the family. That not includes the gifts their lavish lifestyle brings, but also includes the discipline of loving parents. It is this discipline that made it more than a funny show for me.

Todd has a flair for the dramatic. For example, he caught his son looking at “inappropriate material” on the internet. He took the laptop away and tossed it into the deep end of the family pool – and his son had to pay for his own replacement computer. There is another time when his son went to a football game against his parents’ wishes. His attitude was quite arrogant when he came home. The next morning he found a boot on the wheel of his car and a steering wheel lock device on it. It stayed that way for one week.

While this is a show about a family who lives a lavish lifestyle, they are shown to have real problems, the parents exercise real discipline, and they meet for dinner at the family table at 6 PM every night. If you take time to watch this, you need to watch about three episodes to give it a fair shot. But I bet you will laugh and appreciate the love and discipline they show their children. Give it a try, you just might find you enjoy it.


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  1. Paul permalink

    “A picture prefect family” Are you serious or is this blog a comedy also? You glorify a millionaire exhibitionist, who lives a lavish and uncontrolled life style, mirroriong for his children the same life style which is totally contrary to christian principles – whose whole life has been questionable. He was sued by 3 female employes for “severe and pervasive” sexual harassment (2009) – just read the statements of the accusers. He continues his sexual innuendo and inappropriateness within the family. His family spends over $300,000 a year on clothes alone, but avoids paying taxes – 2011 – resulting in tax liens of >$900,000 – had to file bankruptcy in 2014 – who, encouraging his teenage son, joins in pranks of a younger bother instead of mirroring sensitivity, kindness and male leadership.

    • If you look when this was written there was little verified information on the Chrisley family. My highlight for the family, even then, is the “appearance”. They appear to be picture perfect. They appear to overly lavish their children. They also appear to just as excessively take from the children as a form of discipline. As with all reality television it is more faction – some fiction and some truth. This is no different for the Robertson family on “Duck Dynasty” or the Chapman family on “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” Here I was looking for teaching moments in the show, which I believe there still are.

  2. Paul permalink

    Since the internet is a permanent storage of your comments, you should at least consider updating your blog comments when a situation changes dramatically. Though even trying to understand where you are coming from, I still struggle with any suggestion that watching that show has meaning other than as an example of irresponsible, misguided, demeaning and inappropriate family leadership.

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