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July 3, 2014

Embellished. Why do Christians embellish their testimonies? This makes no sense at all to me. We lay claim to the great things God has done, is doing, and hopefully will do in our lives but we undergird the story with lies. How does that make sense? When someone does that the first thing I think is, “So God’s work wasn’t good enough for you so you added onto it?”

 God has done some pretty amazing things. We were each created from two tiny cells. The rain falls and scrubs the air, feeds the greenery, and provides water for the livestock. The trees give us oxygen while we give them their needs. Pretty amazing stuff! No need for embellishment there.

 I would argue our egos are the reason we tinker with our story. We need to make it big enough to make us feel we are important to God. Sometimes we do it because we want to have a better testimony than the next person. How sad is this?

 We are created to be God’s children, made in His perfect image. Our lives are filled with moments of teaching and learning. None is unimportant or more important than the next. They are all interconnected, one leading to the next. They build upon each other perfectly. We may not see it, but they do. So when we add to the story we create a situation where we make a perfectly amazing testimony into a lie. See, it is that easy. And when someone finds out you lied, your credibility is damaged. Maybe even ruined. And your testimony lost ALL of its value.

 Why tinker with what God has perfected? Be honest. Tell of what God has done, not your fiction.


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